Remote Touchpad is a software, what gives your touch-screen mobile phone ability to act as wireless touchpad and keyboard for your computer. In addition it is possible to run in presentation remote control mode. Everything you need is a bluetooth module in both devices. Currently only Windows powered mobile devices and Windows host computers are supported.


  • Remote mouse cursor control
  • Remote keyboard control
  • Presentation remote control
  • Communication through bluetooth


The Remote Touchpad is a suite of two applications, one for computer, and another one for mobile phone. These applications are available as bundle installable on Windows computer. This bundle installs software both for computer and mobile phone if it is connected to computer, if not then it is possible to run phone software installer from Remote Touchpad tray menu.

For people having problems with automatic phone software installation there is manual installer downloadable from sourceforge project files repository.

All files are available through sourceforge repository. Download.

System requirements

Computer requirements:

Mobile phone requirements:

Installation guide

  1. Enable Bluetooth in both devices: computer and mobile phone and pair devices if they aren't. This step differs in various bluetooth managers installed on computer. Pairing process using Windows Mobile bluetooth manager is shown below. Toggle screenshots.
    Windows Mobile bluetooth manager - paired devices
    1.1. Add new bluetooth device.
    Windows Mobile bluetooth manager - device selection
    1.2. Select device (computer) to pair with.
    Windows Mobile bluetooth manager - pair device
    1.3. Enter connection passphrase.
    Computer bluetooth manager - pair device
    1.4. Enter the same passphrase on the computer.
    Windows Mobile bluetooth manager - pair done
    1.5. WM bluetooth manager shows information, that pairing process is done.
  2. Set up virtual COM port between devices. Toggle screenshots.
    Windows Mobile bluetooth manager - set up serial port
    2.1. Enter COM ports in bluetooth manager and tap New Outgoing Port.
    Windows Mobile bluetooth manager - select device
    2.2. Select device with which you want to set up a port.
    Windows Mobile bluetooth manager - select port
    2.3. Select port from available.
  3. Connect mobile phone through ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center if it is not connected.
  4. Install Remote Touchpad bundle on host computer. Choose to install phone software when asked. Toggle screenshots.
    Installer - install phone software question
    4.1. Click yes to install phone software now.
  5. Run installed software on mobile phone, go to the settings and select virtual COM port set between devices. Toggle screenshots.
    Windows Mobile programs folder
    5.1. Run Remote Touchpad program.
    Remote Touchpad main screen
    5.2. Click settings.
    Remote Touchpad settings
    5.3. Select the same port as set in point 2.
  6. Run Remote Touchpad on computer and then select proper COM port or click Autodetect. The serial port name may differ from that selected in mobile device. Toggle screenshots.
    Remote Touchpad tray menu
    6.1. Right click on Remote Touchpad tray icon and choose Settings.
    Remote Touchpad settings
    6.2. Click autodetect (this may take few seconds).
    Remote Touchpad settings
    6.3. The port is successfully detected.
  7. Setup process is done! Feel free to use your Remote Touchpad now.

Frequently Asked Questions

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